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November 10, 2016

Shift is about pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo, embracing the new and always moving forward. Change can be radical or it can be microscopic, but each small step forward is a Shift. A Shift can reframe our perception of what is possible and move us closer to transforming our ideas into reality. The future is always just around the corner. A world full of exciting new possibilities and adventure is out there. It’s up to us to shape what happens next.
We have all experienced the power of a single defining moment, a moment that becomes the delineation between what went before, and what came after. The Lightbulb Moment is about that flash of recognition, the moment when all the ducks line up and you are hit with an understanding that feels like truth. These are the moments that define us. Individually, and together.
Thanks again to the TEDx team, the attendees, the students and our incredible speakers and performers for creating such an amazing day! A special heartfelt thank you to our wonderful sponsors, we couldn't have done it without you.
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This Way Up

August 28, 2013

Aspiration and strength can be the key to success, but with it comes the fragility and vulnerability involved with putting everything on the line to pursue a dream. This Way Up is about people who have found their own way to the top, about people who have braved new ground and found ways through that are a little bit different, and often against the odds. The explosion of new technology will propel us all down roads less travelled, learning in ways we haven’t even realised are possible and planning for jobs that don’t even exist yet. There’s no right way up; there’s just THIS WAY UP.